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Sabato 06 Marzo 2021
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BeautySourcing.com Offers Sourcing Opportunities post-Covid Era

21 gennaio 2021 | 21.36
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A new e-commerce platform for the beauty supply-side industry

NEW YORK, Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Amidst the industry challenges faced due to COVID- 19, BeautySourcing.com emerges as a global marketplace for a complete range of beauty supply-side products. As business models continue to turn to digital alternatives, by leveraging digital smartly to catapult ahead, the site serves as a year round immediate solution that enables businesses to effectively find everything needed to produce the next cosmetic breakthrough. BeautySourcing.com allows members to connect with over 5,000 suppliers from across 100+ worldwide beauty events with a mission to stimulate and maintain international beauty trade in the new normal.

Some of the highlighted features of BeautySourcing.com are:

About BeautySourcing.com: BeautySourcing.com is an online comprehensive sourcing platform for the beauty supply-side market. It aims to power the growth of the international beauty industry and serve as a community to connect businesses with high-quality products, worldwide trade events, and industry news. The site is supported by a dedicated team of veteran event organizers with over 20 years of beauty industry experience and a keen eye for reviewing supplier capabilities and market trends. For more information, visit www.beautysourcing.com.          

Contact: Ms. Selena Li Phone: 646-653-2838Email: Selena.li@beautysourcing.com

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