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Berlin to host new conference on Libya

19 maggio 2021 | 19.41
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Photo: Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Washington Post

Germany will in June hold a follow-up conference to a summit on Libya that it hosted in Berlin last January, Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio told lawmakers on Wednesday.

The ministerial summit will take place on 23 June and comes at the request of countries including Italy, Di Maio told the lower house of parliament.

"At an international level, we are convinced supports of the actions of the United Nations and special envoy to Libya Jan Kubis, whom I met on 12 May," Di Maio stated.

Italy warmly welcomed UN Resolution 2570 and 2571 on Libya backing its unified interim executive and the holding of elections (slated for 24 December), Di Maio recalled.

"The Security Council approved these resolutions unanimously, offering a very important sign of renewed international alignment on the key goals to stablise Libya," Di Maio underlined.

At the Berlin conference on Libya held on 19 January last year, Italy and world powers vowed to uphold a much-violated UN arms embargo against Libya and to end foreign interference in the country.

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