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Bestore shortlisted for four World Food Innovation Awards as only winner from China

09 marzo 2020 | 03.01
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LONDON, March 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 3 London Time, the presentation ceremony of World Food Innovation Awards 2020 took place in London. Bestore, a high-end snack brand, lived up to expectations to be shortlisted for four awards: Best Children's Product, Best Convenience Food Innovation, Best Food Packaging Design and Best Snacking Innovation, as the only winner from China.

The "World Food Innovation Awards", "Monde Selection" and "Superior Taste Award" are the world's three top food awards. With outstanding quality and innovation spirit, Bestore has won all the three awards.

The World Food Innovation Awards uphold the values of health, nature and sustainability. Bestore has been shortlisted for the awards for two years in a row. This year it has four products on the shortlist: "Colored Dried Fruit" shortlisted for Best Children's Food, "Butter Hotpot" shortlisted for Best Convenience Food, "Twelve Classic Gift Boxes" shortlisted for Best Packaging Design; and Bear Hug Cashew shortlisted for Best Snacking Innovation.

Last May Bestore appeared at the presentation ceremony of Superior Taste Award 2019 on behalf of Chinese snack brands, with "Crisp Winter Jujube" clinching the top award-3 Golden Stars in its debut.

Behind these brilliant results are Bestore's determination to persistently develop quality snacks, as well as its fast self-renewal and innovation through consumer surveys, all channel deployment and digital transformation.

Early in 2018, Bestore started to work with food research institutes to improve product formulas based on advanced research findings. Bestore Health and Nutrition Research Institute was established after one year of preparation to explore and design different research topics for the innovative R&D of healthy and nutritious snacks. While reducing the sugar, fat, salt and additives of snacks, Bestore will upgrade to "Snack 3.0": based on different groups' needs, Bestore will add functional factors to snacks, to provide targeting functional factors to pregnant and lying-in women, children, seniors, fitness lovers and other groups.

Meanwhile, Bestore is discussing the development of nutrition enrichment and stabilization technologies with world-renowned research institutes to reduce losses of quality functional ingredients of good materials in processing.

Careful consumers must have found that many snacks of Bestore have been changing secretly in recent two years: preserved plum is herbal formulated with zero additives, dried mango is no longer overly sweet, plain nuts replace fried and baked nuts, instant food replaces meals…

Bestore's being shortlisted for the World Food Innovation Awards again as a representative Chinese snack brand not only shows the world's recognition of Chinese snack enterprises, but also means that Bestore has produced tasty snacks with good materials, given products cultural connotation from outside to inside, and satisfied the most picky consumers in a wider range, said Zhu Danpeng, a Chinese food industry analyst.

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