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Biden presidency good for climate, fight against COVID-19 - Gentiloni

09 novembre 2020 | 18.16
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United States president-elect Joe Biden's administration will have a positive impact on climate change and on the Coronavirus pandemic, European Union economy commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said on Monday.

"In some areas, the new administration in the US will change things for the better, starting with the fight against climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic," Gentiloni stated.

Biden is a "convinced multi-lateralist" which will boost relations in general between the EU and the US "also culturally", Gentiloni said.

"Some things won't change, however," Gentiloni added.

Gentiloni made the remarks during an online talk organised by the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium.

The College of Europe's current rector is Gentiloni's compatriot Federica Mogherini, the former EU foreign policy chief.

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