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Giovedì 06 Maggio 2021
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Biden presidency 'new beginning for American demcracy - Di Maio

20 gennaio 2021 | 17.01
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Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio tweeted congratulations to incoming US president Joe Biden, ahead of his swearing-in ceremony at midday local time in Washington, calling the inauguration 'a new beginning for American democracy".

Warm congratulations to President @JoeBiden and VP @KamalaHarris who will take the oath of office today in Washington. A new beginning for our close friend and ally and for American democracy," read the tweet

"I look forward to working with SoS @ABlinken and the new administration," the tweet added, referring to incoming secretary of state Anthony Blinken.

Incoming US vice-president Kamala Harris was due to be sworn in just before noon and becomes the country’s first female, first Black and first south Asian American vice-president.

The inauguration theme is 'America United' and Biden’s address was expected to offer a different tone from that of his Republican predecessor, outgoing US president Donald Trump.

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