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#BitingBack, su Instagram prima e dopo la vittoria sull'anoressia

21 marzo 2016 | 11.13
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Haley Harris prima e dopo la vittoria sull'anoressia (fonte Instagram /#BitingBack)
Roma, 21 mar. (AdnKronos)

Un viaggio a colpi di foto per testimoniare la vittoria sull'anoressia. E' questo quello che ha fatto Haley Harris, 23enne inglese che ha deciso di pubblicare su Instagram il diario di una lunga e dura battaglia contro il devastante disordine alimentare che l'aveva ridotta letteralmente pelle e ossa e quasi uccisa. E, cinque mesi dopo le dimissioni dall'ospedale nel quale era ricoverata per curare la patologia, il risultato raggiunto da Haley è straordinario.

"Mi chiamo Haley - scrive la giovane sul profilo #BitingBack -, sono una ventitreenne di Londra e l'anno scorso mi è stata diagnosticata un'anoressia nervosa. Sono stata dimessa ieri dal ricovero grazie al quale non solo ho ripreso peso, ma che mi ha dato anche l'opportunità di lottare e vincere questa battaglia e prendere a calci nel sedere 'Ana' (un termine confidenziale che si usa per indicare l'anoressia, ndr.). Ho passato tanto tempo in ospedale leggendo le più illuminanti storie a favore del ricovero, storie che mi hanno dato una quantità sterminata di speranza, libertà e forza. Questo è il mio modo di ringraziare chi le ha scritte e il mio modo di mostrare agli altri che farcela è possibile".

"And I said to my body softly 'I want to be your friend.' It took a long breath and replied 'I have been waiting my whole life for this.'" Today marks the start of #NEDAWareness and I wanted to share my biggest transformation picture to date. My journey to healthy began just after the photo on the left and has, so far, taken me to the photo on the right. The physical is obvious but the mental is personally my biggest, most noticeable difference. I was in an awfully dark place in October, in hindsight I realise how much this illness cost me and just how much I/my loved ones sacrificed as a result. It took being told my heart was giving up on me to realise how much I was and could finally lose. It was with the little strength I did have left, the unwavering love of my family, the extraordinary faith of my friends and every single one of their brave smiles of hope that I found the courage to smile back. Now here I stand with this second chance at life. Of course I struggle with recovery somedays but this photo has dragged me through the darkest ones because now I realise that I destroyed my body for a peace of mind I never achieved. I lost so much but gained so much more then weight for recovering. I'm not admitting it's easy but I can promise you it is worth it and I hope this photo shows to even one person that there is life beyond this illness. Please share with me or tag me in your stories-We are an unstoppable force and I am so incredibly proud of everyone else fighting this by my side. #IAmMoreThan anorexia

Una foto pubblicata da Anorexia RECOVERY•HayleyHarris (@bitingback) in data:

Forever aiming for THAT thigh gap, THAT ideal..only to find that with THAT thigh gap comes not being able to sit in a bath without being in pain, hiding your legs from the bruises they're swimming in, the heartburn, the chest pains, the blue nails, the hair loss, the inability to ever be warm.. I think I'll take my thighs starting to touch and my cheese burgers any day now thanks...plus I'm one step closer to being a mermaid now Celebration transformation in the exact same spot 5 months apart #prorecovery #recovery #transformationtuesday #edwarrior #anorexia #ED #edrecovery #transformation #beatitbefit #NEDA #love #edsoldier #beatana #strongnotskinny #healthyishappy #foodporn #anorexiarecovery #edstruggles #foodisfuel #edfamily #food #edwarrior #quote #bodypeace #fitness #eatingdisorderrecovery #inpatient #outpatient #transformation #beforeandafter

Una foto pubblicata da Anorexia RECOVERY HayleyHarris (@bitingback) in data:

My first transformation picture & something that I feel is so important to share on my journey for both you all and myself. The left bobble head thing being 4 months ago and the right feminine young lady being as of today. Both the same person; though one is now currently writing this eating pick n' mix, getting ready to go out for dinner with friends and living a life of hope and joy. Whereas I know the left would be avoiding any social interaction, punishing herself for nothing and sipping on air. I know that the psychical side is only half of this illness. You have to choose recovery not just the once or as soon as you're weight restored etc but weekly, daily, hourly, with every bite. That I know I won't escape without Ana trying to hold onto me for a while but I think the smile on the right emits my fight to continue this battle and my inner happiness. I hope you all have a lovely evening my fellow warriors #iammorethan Anorexia

Una foto pubblicata da Anorexia RECOVERY HayleyHarris (@bitingback) in data:

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