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BlueBee Establishes Data Center in Mainland China, Expanding Global Coverage for Its Genomics Data Platform

09 ottobre 2019 | 14.01
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RIJSWIJK, Netherlands, Oct. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BlueBee, a global bioinformatics solutions provider, has extended data operations to mainland China to serve genomic data processing needs in compliance with The Chinese Ministry of Health and Technology. This strategic move will serve existing and new BlueBee customers who integrate bioinformatic data solutions with their analytical instruments, omics assay technology, or high-throughput laboratory services. BlueBee expects that this investment will result in mutual growth for BlueBee and its partner clients due to immediate demand from its existing customer base and projected growth of the Chinese genomics market.

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Many geographical regions require that personal health information (PHI), which includes genomics data, and personal identification information (PII), remain within the regional border. Because of this, BlueBee continues to build its global infrastructure for omics-related health data. Currently the BlueBee Genomics Platform is enabled in over 50 countries, and beyond, in virtually any defined "region" on demand. Geographical regions that are enabled to date include: in Europe: France, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland; in the Americas: USA, Canada, Brazil; and in Asia Pacific: China, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan.

A single BlueBee data solution can span any number of discrete geographies while still achieving regional data residency and compliance. This includes a "single window" orchestration layer, which presents a global, centralized view of all data operations on the BlueBee platform. This means that distributed operations of a global assay or service provider can be accessed in real time from virtually anywhere on the globe.

"We were drawn to setting up our mainland China data center to meet the demands of partner clients," says Hans Cobben, CEO BlueBee. "Serving the global community remains at the helm of our mandate, and we built a technology solution that is literally capable of serving the Chinese population—which represents a fifth of the world's population, on demand, while meeting data compliance requirements. We are now poised with a pipeline of prospects looking to launch commercial molecular assay or service offerings in China with an integrated data analytics solution," Cobben adds.

About BlueBee

BlueBee offers a global bioinformatics platform to span sample to insights for analysis of genomics or multiomics data. BlueBee configures fit-for-purpose, commercial data solutions for its B2B partner clients to meet; 1) Health compliance offerings including HIPAA (US), HDS/ASIP (FR), NEN 7510 (NL), NHS-IGSOC (UK) and other global health compliance requirements; 2) Data protection regulations including GDPR; and 3) Information security and quality certifications including ISO 27001 and an option for ISO 13485 quality management to serve medical devices. BlueBee serves molecular assay and service providers in clinical diagnostics, therapeutics, and research with a shared mission—to power precision medicine. BlueBee software solutions are available for deployment globally, including most recently—mainland China.

To stay up to date with BlueBee, follow @bluebeegenomics on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Contact person:Michelle GarredVP Global Marketingemail: michelle.garred@bluebee.com+1-844-662-3511

Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/951551/BlueBee_Logo.jpg

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