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BOE IPC-2019 held to empower application scenarios

27 novembre 2019 | 05.36
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BEJING, Nov. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 26, BOE Innovation Partner Conference 2019 (BOE IPC-2019), themed "ICPST+: Empowering Application Scenarios", opened at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, bringing together over 1,000 companies as well as industry experts from across the globe to discuss IoT application and its future. At this year's conference, BOE focused on empowering application scenarios, unveiled innovations in niche markets together with its global partners, and displayed a full range of its innovative applications and solutions in its three areas of business – Interface Devices, Smart IoT System, and Smart Medicine and Engineering Integration.

As a highly influential international IoT gathering, BOE IPC has been held four times and grown into an important innovation platform for partners in the global IoT industry. Chen Yanshun, Chairman of BOE, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Evolution & Harmony Empower Scenarios" at the conference. He pointed out that thousands of subdivided application scenarios bear the personalized needs of the era of IoT. To meet these needs, corresponding solutions are required. Only to integrate the algorithm, which is formed by professional knowledge and good experience from all walks of life, and AI, sensing, computing, storage, transport, display, etc., as well as functional hardware and software, and valid data, can realize the perfect harmony of IoT elements and form a complete solution that meets the needs of consumers. Meanwhile, he noted that product and service providers of all walks of life should be highly collaborative and give full play to their respective advantages in the process of integrating elements, so that solutions can be accurately implemented to achieve the best user experience. BOE's ICPST (Integration of Chips, Panels, Software and Things) is intended to integrating IoT elements and working with global partners to form the IoT ecosystem, to empower scenarios and create value.

At BOE IPC 2019, Stuart Russell, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and Kevin Ashton, the father of IoT, delivered keynote speeches entitled "I do mean 'Everything' as a Service" and "IoT Has Only Just Begun" respectively, sharing their views about the application of artificial intelligence and how people create more value through the IoT at a time when 5G and AI are booming.

In recent years, BOE has deeply integrated technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other IoT technologies, and provided innovative products and solutions for thousands of application scenarios in niche markets. At BOE IPC 2019, BOE presented its IoT solutions including smart IoV, 8K+5G, smart retail, digital art, and illumination art, which open up more possibilities of innovative application for customers. Xu Liuping, Chairman of FAW Group; Liang Baojun, Vice President of China Unicom; Hans Carpels, President of Euronics International, Europe's largest consumer electronics retailer; Zhang Zikang, Director of CAFA Art Museum; and Jia Ding, National Director of the 70th Anniversary Celebration, shared with the audience what innovations they had made in collaboration with BOE, bringing a brand-new experience of smart living to the people.

In the collaborative innovation exhibition area, BOE exhibited a full range of its globally leading innovative display technologies such as 8K BD cell, 8K mini LED, 8K inkjet-printed OLED, foldable OLED, and large-sized DID OLED, sensing technologies that can be applied to medical imaging, fingerprint identification, smart windows, biological detection and other fields, as well as innovative products and solutions such as smart manufacturing services, smart business, smart home, smart healthcare, and smart travel. On the same day, BOE also held six forums on display devices, sensors, smart IoT system, digital art, mobile healthcare, and smart healthcare services to discuss the technologies, products, and applications in various niche markets of the IoT with world-renowned companies and industry experts.

"BOE will continue to embrace the IoT strategy to open up technologies and application platforms to create value through ICPST. We'll work with our global partners to create a win-win situation through collaborative innovation in tens of thousands of application scenarios," said Chen Yanshun.

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