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Bubl Launches New Mobile App for Kids: Bubl Draw, Best New App in Kid's Category on the App Store

21 febbraio 2014 | 15.55
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MOSCOW, February 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Digital Art App Inspired By Kandinsky, Steve Reich and Generative Music

Russian developer Bubl today announced the launch of their new brand of unique educational apps for children. Their innovative debut app Bubl Draw is a tool that uses music to draw, designed to help develop the artistic perception of shape, color and sound.  Bubl is featured on the US App Store as Kids Category in Best New Apps, as well as Best New Apps in Canada and the United Kingdom.

"We make use of both digital art methods and gaming mechanics to develop children's perception of links between color, sound and shape," says Bubl creator and CEO Oleg Stavitsky. "We've channeled inspiration from our favorite creators into something children can easily understand and, more importantly, learn from."

About Bubl Draw: Bubl Draw composes music out of drawings, where every color has a corresponding musical instrument that changes key as the drawing changes shape. Complete lines and shapes turn into unique musical phrases that comprise a complete composition. Buble Draw thereby becomes an endless music box - an abstract visual and musical tool that creates connections between color, sound and form.

Bubl apps are inspired by the visual art of Wassily Kandinsky; the ambient and generative music of Brian Eno; the minimalist compositions of Philip Glass and Steve Reich; and the contemporary creative collaborations of Sesame Street.

"The modern world is full of digital distraction," says Stavitsky. "We choose not to fight the future, but rather to create products that help kids develop fundamental skills to use in their modern environment."

Download available for $2.99:


About Bubl:  Bubl believes that abstract interactive games draw kids in, stimulating their imagination and developing creative thinking. The studio has created its own approach to interactive children's products based on its own experience, modern child development science and Wassily Kandinsky's works. Bubl developers are video game industry vets, worked at Crytek, EA, and Protey Temen.

For more information on Bubl, please visit: http://bublbubl.com/

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