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Centre-left win in northern Italy boosts pro-European govt - Gentiloni

27 gennaio 2020 | 18.40
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The centre-left Democratic Party (PD)'s victory in the key northern Emilia-Romagna region's polls bolsters Italy's coalition government between the pro-European PD and the grassroots 5-Star Movement, EU economy commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said on Monday.

"Good governance has been rewarded - this is thanks to the work of Stefano Bonaccini," Gentiloni told reporters at the European Parliament in Brussels.

He was referring to Emilia-Romagna's incumbent governor, who was re-elected in Sunday's regional elections with 51.36% of the vote against the far-right, eurosceptic League party candidate Lucia Bongonzoni's 43.68%.

"I think the result strengthens the centre-left government, which has a clear pro-European stance," Gentiloni said.

The wealthy centre-north region of Emilia Romagna has been a stronghold of the Italian left for over 70 years. Turnout in Sunday's polls was around 67% - more than double that in 2014 (37%).

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