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Cint unveils a new brand identity set to catapult the next stage of its growth

03 febbraio 2020 | 08.08
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New branding embodies the technology company's commitment to innovation and promise to accelerate the digital transformation in the market research industry

STOCKHOLM, Feb. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Cint, the technology backbone of the world's most successful insights companies, today revealed its new corporate brand identity at www.cint.com. Part of the company's vision for the future, the new brand illustrates continued forward momentum for Cint in the wake of coming together with sample technology company, P2Sample, last August.

"Over the last few months, we've solidified our commitment to providing our customers and partners with an automated platform that provides a best-in-class, future-proof solution for gathering insights faster, more cost-effectively and at scale," said Tom Buehlmann, CEO of Cint. "We took a huge step toward this goal when we joined up with P2Sample last year, and our new branding reflects our continued mission of helping our customers transform the way they do business in market research."

Cint's new brand, which includes a bold, modern logo and new tagline of "Accelerating insights.", is built on an understanding that companies need access to fast, accurate consumer insights in order to inform critical business decisions. The new brand builds on Cint's strong heritage in the insights industry as the first sample exchange and global marketplace for buyers of audiences for insights.  By offering a universal, reliable solution, Cint helps people to solve inefficiencies in the research process through smart use of automated technology.

The new branding was developed to better represent Cint's commitment to innovation throughout its rapidly expanding global footprint. The company has experienced impressive year-on-year growth rates since its inception and now has a global audience reach of more than 100 million permission-based, profiled available consumers, making Cint the largest sample exchange platform in the world. The company employs 300 people across more than 40 nationalities, with 2020 plans for a substantial increase in staff, expansion of offices in New York and in London, and a new Singapore office planned for March.

Attendees at this week's SampleCon show in Atlanta, an annual event for learning, knowledge and best practice sharing for the consumer insights community, will see the new branding on display at the event, including on the conference's attendee bags.

About Cint 

Cint is the technology backbone of the world's most successful insights companies. Cint's platform automates sample fieldwork and operations so that companies can gather insights faster, more cost-effectively and at scale. More than 2,000 researchers, agencies and brands - including Kantar, Zappi, GfK and SurveyMonkey - use Cint to transform how they gather insights and be competitive in the market. Cint has a rapidly growing team across 16 global offices including London, New York, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Barcelona, Tokyo and Sydney. (www.cint.com

Media contact: Shawn Cabral, shawn.cabral@cint.com, +44 20 3514 2100

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNt9EM6d-fE  Logo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1084309/Cint_Logo_Logo.jpg  


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