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Clean energy the focus of Descalzi's talks with Ghana's president

04 ottobre 2018 | 16.02
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Claudio Descalzi

Eni's chief executive Claudio Descalzi met Ghana's president Nana AddoDankwa Akufo-Addo and energy minister John Peter Amewu in Accra to mull Eni's activities in the country and the role it can play in Eni's new green energy partnership with UNDP in Africa, Eni said in a statement on Thursday.

The partnership seeks to develop renewable energy, energy efficiency, forestry and clean cooking initiatives, starting in Africa, in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals especially affordable and clean energy, climate, land management and re-and/or afforestation, Eni said.

The Italian oil and gas giant said it invests more than half of its budget in Africa, boosting its potential and promoting local development and is already committed to the sustainable development of Ghana, according to the statement.

"Improving access to energy, especially in Africa, is core to Eni’s values, and it is an intrinsic part of the company’s business," the statement said.

Eni's has invested $7bn investment in Ghana's Integrated Oil&Gas Development Project project to providing long term domestic gas supply that the country to cut the use of liquid fuel, reducing CO2 emissions by 30 percent and to limit more costly gas imports, the statement said.

The project will deliver stable, secure, reliable, and affordable quantities of gas to feed Ghana’s power plants for over 20 years, Eni underlined.

Eni has destined over $15m to an extensive programme of sustainability initiatives including economic diversification education, water and sanitation, and health activities, Eni stated.

The company is also engaged in the development of solar power projects in the Country including off grid installations in remote areas and floating solar farms, it said.

An initial joint Eni-UNDP partnership project is a REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) initiative, the company stated.

This will involved community based activities to boost agricultural productivity, introduce agroforestry schemes and generate revenue from non-timber forest products contributing to the diversification and development of the local economy.

Eni has been present in Ghana since 2009 through its subsidiary Eni Ghana.

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