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Mercoledì 27 Gennaio 2021
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CMG documentary shows Xi's leadership role in fight against COVID-19 and poverty elimination

09 gennaio 2021 | 15.31
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BEIJING, Jan. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A newly released documentary film by the China Media Group (CMG) has shown how China under the leadership of President Xi Jinping has navigated its way through the extraordinary times and challenges brought by COVID-19.

Part one of the two-part film reveals China's quest to push for greater global cooperation in the fight against COVID-19, showing the decisive calls from President Xi to create a global health community, provide aid supplies to countries in need and ensure all vaccines are made a global public product.

The second part of the two-part film reveals how President Xi led the Chinese people to overcome the difficulties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and continue with the country's ambitious goal to eradicate poverty by the end of the year.

The film shows the great determination held by Xi to press ahead with the poverty elimination work in spite of the clear obstacles, and details how the country took new steps and forged new opportunities rather than being halted by the unprecedented global crisis.https://youtu.be/Jo-ZUz5Z5Co

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo-ZUz5Z5Co

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