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Comebuy Launches World Cup Prize-giving Guess Event

23 giugno 2014 | 17.27
LETTURA: 2 minuti

HONG KONG, June 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The once every four years World Cup is now playing. This time is surely more wonderful. Fans who could not attend the game could now participate in Comebuy's prize-giving guess event* every day.

Comebuy 2014 World Cup Raffle Rules

The Raffle is divided into three phases:

During the 1st phase, there will be ONE new lucky participator every day. If you submit the right result (Win, Draw or Lose) of all 3 Games of the day (submission time ends before the beginning of the first Game everyday), you will get the opportunity to be the winner of the day and receive the official football of the 2014 FIFA World Cup (129.99 EUR).

With similar game rules as the 1st phase, ONE new lucky participator will be chosen each day in the 2nd phase as the winner of the day and receive a table-football table (149.99 EUR).

For the final phase, successfully guessing the champion and the score (submission time ends before the beginning of the Final Game) will lead to the chance of winning a full football player equipment suit (one football, a pair of football shoes and the Man of the Match's clothes).

Please submit your exact name, phone number, email and contact details. The name of the participants will be put into the raffle.

Comebuy will publish the name of the winner on the next day of the matches at CEST 3:00 a.m in the Section of Result. After verifying related information, Comebuy will send out free prizes to the lucky participants within 72 hours.

To celebrate the World Cup, Comebuy has also launched the biggest promotion ever. All products are up to 70% off. The company even offers the newest Cubot smart phone with high definition big screen. Germany delivery makes product arrive at any place in Europe within 48 hours. It is so easy to watch World Cup on mobile phone. Do not waste your time, pick up your cell phone and visit Comebuy mall. Many surprises are waiting for you!

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