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Conflict in Libya worries Italy, Conte tells Haftar

16 maggio 2019 | 13.57
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Photo: Adnkronos/Cristiano Camera

Populist premier Giuseppe Conte had a lengthy meeting with Libya's eastern warlord Khalifa in Rome on Thursday and told him of Italy's "concern" at the "extremely critical" situation in war-wracked Tripoli, Conte told reporters.

"We had a long meeting during the course of which I asked for an update and conveyed Italy's concern at the highly critical situation (in Libya)," Conte said.

"We urge a ceasefire and are confident that we can find the path to a political solution (of the conflict)," Conte added.

The fighting in Tripoli began when Haftar's militia began an assault on 5 April and met with resistance from forces loyal to the beleaguered UN-backed government. The warfare has killed at least 454 people, injured at least 2,154 and displaced some 60,000, the UN said in its most recent update six days ago.

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