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Conte appeals for rapid reform in Lebanon

08 settembre 2020 | 18.35
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Italy will be best be able to help crisis-mired Lebanon if the Mideast nation pulls together and begins a process of reforms "immediately", premier Giuseppe Conte said on Tuesday during a visit.

"If our aid is to be effective, Lebanon's authorities must show a strong sense of responsibility and great national cohesion in heading down a reformist path immediately," Conte told reporters.

"Because tomorrow is too late," Conte underlined.

There is "great suffering" in Lebanon, he told a press conference.

"The emergency is all-embracing and has been going on for some time," Conte stated.

Unless Lebanon's "best political, social, cultural and economic" forces make an enduring pact, Italy will be able to "do little" to help the bankrupt country, Conte warned.

Italy pledges "to be at the forefront" of international efforts to help Lebanon, Conte reiterated.

Conte earlier visited Beirut's port which was hit by a massive blast last on 4 August that killed 200 people, left thousands injured and hundreds, triggering major protests and the government's resignation.

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