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Domenica 01 Agosto 2021
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Conte: Biden inauguration 'a great day for democracy'

20 gennaio 2021 | 19.26
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Prime minister Giuseppe Conte welcomed the swearing-in of Joe Biden as 46th United States president on Wednesday, hailing it as "a great day for democracy" and vowed Italy would work with his administration.

"This a great day for democracy, reaching far beyond America's borders. Italy stands ready to face the challenges of our common international agenda together with the United States," Conte tweeted.

"Wishing President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris all the best in their work," read the tweet.

Biden's predecessor, Donald Trump, who has not formally conceded to Biden, did not attend the inauguration ceremony, which took place at the US Capitol amid a security lockdown after the building was stormed by violent pro-Trump protesters in a deadly riot on 6 January.

Biden has vowed to "build back better" and to reverse many Trump policies but his legislative ambitions could be tempered by his slender majority in Congress.

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