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Conte eyes stronger ties with Russia, China, India, Balkans

09 settembre 2019 | 17.28
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Italy wants to further develop its ties with "major global actors" such as India, Russia and China and "take on new challenges and opportunities" arising from its traditional role in the Balkans region, premier Giuseppe Conte said on Monday.

"The new government will invest its actions in these directions to best achieve our country's enormous potential," Conte told parliament before a confidence vote - the first test of his centre-left-populist administration that took office last week.

"This is the spirit with which we will further develop our relations including with the major global actors like India, Russia and China, as well as with regions of particular interest for Italian industries - such as southeast Asia," he said.

Italy must re-launch itself in the Balkans, building on its traditional role in the region in a way that is "equal to the challenges and opportunities arising from this," Conte stated.

But while these ties are and will continue to be vital, "they must always be pursued in ways that our compatible with our Euro-Atlantic commitments," Conte stated.

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