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Conte in visit to blast-ravaged Beirut

07 settembre 2020 | 17.47
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Rome, 7 Sept. (AKI)

Italy's premier Giuseppe Conte will visit the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, where he will visit its blast-devastated port, an Italian field hospital and hold talks with top officials, Conte's office said Monday in a statement.

Upon arriving in Beirut, Conte will visit its port, where on 4 August 2,750 tonnes of unsafely stored ammonium nitrate detonated, killing nearly 200 people, injuring thousands and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

At the port, Conte will tour the Italian navy vessel San Giusto deployed with Italy's Safe Cedars military mission that arrived in Beirut in late August to help the city's blast-hit civilian population.

After a meeting with Lebanon's president Michel Aoun, Conte will hold talks with its parliament speaker, its caretaker premier Hassan Diab and incoming prime minister Mustapha Adib.

Conte will later visit Italy's field hospital based at the Lebanese University's Hadat Campus, according to the statement.

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