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Conte 'to hold cabinet meeting ahead of G7'

06 giugno 2018 | 14.09
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Photo: AFP
Rome, 6 June (AKI)

Italy's populist prime minister Giuseppe Conte is expected to chair a cabinet meeting on Rome on Thursday before he travels to the G7 summit in Canada, sources from the grassroots Five-Star Movement said Wednesday.

Conte will meet Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel on the sidelines of the G7 taking place Friday and Saturday in the lakeside town of La Malbaie in the Province of Quebec, the Italian government said in a statement.

Conte will also meet European Union Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU executive said on Tuesday.

Junker has said he has faith in Italy, a founder EU member, and that the choices of its voters must be treated with respect.

The eurosceptic, anti-austerity government led by Conte - little-known law professor and political novice - has vowed to bring radical change to Italy and to seek a review of European treaties including EU budgetary rules.

The new government took power in Italy on 1 June 1 after a last-ditch coalition deal was hammered out between the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement and the far-right League to end months of political turmoil, narrowly avoiding snap elections in the eurozone's third largest economy.

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