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Conte urges Lebanon's institutions to regain citizens' trust

08 settembre 2020 | 12.44
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Italy's premier Giuseppe on Tuesday called for crisis-hit Lebanon to begin a new page in its history and for mutual trust to be rebuilt between its citizens and institutions.

"This is the moment to roll up our sleeves and look to the future despite the tragedy and suffering," Conte said during a visit to Lebanon's blast-devastated capital Beirut.

"To do this trust needs to be built up again between citizens and institutions. It's time for Lebanon to move on," Conte said after talks with Lebanon's president Michel Aoun.

The bankrupt country "has the right to a peaceful and prosperous future" and Italy wants to help it achieve this, Conte said.

"Lebanon can count on Italy to help it attain this goal through its actions at the European Union and in the international context," Conte underlined.

Lebanon is mired in economic crisis and its government resigned last month following protests over the massive 4 August explosion at Beirut's port.

The blast was triggered when 2,750 tonnes of unsafely stored ammonium nitrate detonated, killing nearly 200 people, injuring thousands and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

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