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Conte urges reformist government in Lebanon

08 settembre 2020 | 16.28
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Photo: AFP

Italy's prime minister Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday called on crisis-hit Lebanon to swiftly form a new, reforming government and rebuild the country, which was hit last month by a devastating blast at Beirut's port.

"Lebanon faces a major challenge that can be overcome if the country's institutions overhaul its governance," Conte said after talks with Lebanon's president Michel Aoun during an official visit to Beirut.

Conte said Italy has "deep respect" for Lebanon's sovereignty and will "remain at its side" hoping a new government will take office "as soon as possible" that will get on with rebuilding the country and swiftly launch a reform process.

Italy has "profound respect" for Lebanon, Conte underlined.

Lebanon's government resigned last month after the massive 4 August explosion at Beirut's port in which over 200 people died, thousands were injured and hundreds of thousands were left homeless.

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