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Conte 'welcomes' proposed 'inter-Libyan' forum

18 settembre 2019 | 17.13
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Italy's premier Giuseppe Conte on Wednesday "enthusiastically welcomed" United Nations backed prime minister Fayez al-Sarraj's plan for an 'inter-Libyan' forum to resolve Libya's conflict, its government wrote on Facebook.

During talks in Rome with Sarraj, "Conte enthusiastically welcomed chairman (of Libya's Presidential Council) Sarraj's initiative for an inter-Libyan forum to find an inclusive solution agreed by Libyans," read the post.

During his meeting with Sarraj, Conte praised his government's "active role" in fighting terrorism, according to the post.

Conte also lauded the Libyan coastguard's efforts to fight human trafficking and rescue migrants "despite the current crisis in the country and all the difficulties it faces," the post added.

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