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Martedì 02 Marzo 2021
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COVID-19 and Global Print: the Winners and Losers, a study by Cloudprinter.com

18 febbraio 2021 | 09.01
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ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As Covid-19 is known to hit the global economy, a study conducted by the Cloudprinter.com platform that has analyzed over 65.000 orders out of the 1.3 million print orders processed last year, reveals the impact on the global print industry from a new perspective, resulting in a new reality in the print world.

Local digital print providers in the US and Europe are gaining momentum while larger print houses in Asia and East Europe are losing their global customers.

Closed borders and local lockdowns, combined with increased global cargo prices, forced print buyers to look for local alternatives. This accelerated the new trend to switch from global sourcing, to local sourcing, resulting in lower shipping costs, and shorter transit times. This resulted in a reduction of 95.6% of carbon emissions generated by the logistics for publishers, Web2Print providers, and photo E-commerce companies.

While large print buyers in the corporate and events sectors were shutting down their offices around the world, individuals shifted online as quickly as never before, and helped the print industry by moving from corporate print orders to personalized photo products on-demand — like printed textbooks and wall photo decoration for the consumer market.

In the digital print industry, the corporate orders in 2020 were counting only for 13.55% of the processed print volume at the Cloudprinter.com platform.

68.7% of all the global print volume sourced via the global print platform Cloudprinter.com was printed on digital presses of HP INC (NYSE: HPQ). Xerox (NYSE: XRX) lost a significant part of its market share, only 2.9% of global print volume via Cloudprinter.com was printed on digital presses from Xerox, however, Canon was the rising star with a share of almost 24.9% of the printed volume.

Cloudprinter.com is the leading global print cloud & API platform for brands, Fortune500 companies, and the E-commerce industry. In 2020, Cloudprinter.com realized a growth of 500% growth, driving more print jobs to local print providers in 104 countries.

The full Global Print COVID-19 report is available at Cloudprinter.com.

Infographics are available for publication at: https://www.cloudprinter.com/blog/report-global-print-during-covid-19

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