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Covid-19 crisis to cement ties with Spain says Italy

11 maggio 2020 | 23.46
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Italy and Spain's strong ties are set to be strengthened by their dramatic coronavirus outbreaks, the foreign ministry tweeted on Monday.

"Our relations with our (Spanish) friends will emerge even stronger and more solid from the crisis," read the tweet.

"Looking at what we achieved in and working together to build our future in our shared (European) home," the tweet went on.

The tweet came the day Italy's new ambassador to Spain and Andorra, Riccardo Guariglia, took up his new post.

Italy and Spain are among the countries that have been worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. After the United States, Italy has recorded the second highest number of deaths from the virus and Spain the fourth highest.

Both countries this week began to ease draconian lockdowns in the belief that their Covid-19 cases have peaked.

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