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Cyprus plays strategic role in Mediterranean - Italy

08 ottobre 2020 | 21.57
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A longstanding, "intense" dialogue exists between Italy and Cyprus, which plays a key role in the security of the Mediterranean region, defence minister Lorenzo Guerini said Thursday during visit to the divided island.

'An intense dialogue has existed between our two countries for a long time, which I am especially proud to continue," Guerini said.

The minister underlined "the strategic value of Cyprus for stability and peace in the Mediterranean which we look onto and whose security directly affects the daily lives of its population".

During his visit, Guerini held talks with Cypriot counterpart Charalambos Petrides, where discussions focused on tensions between Greece and Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean, bilateral cooperation, defence and security, Guerini tweeted.

Italy's ambassador to Cyprus, Andrea Cavallari also attended Guerini and Petrides' meeting.

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