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Democratic Party wants to help stop pandemic, reset Italy says deputy FM Sereni

04 febbraio 2021 | 19.07
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Marina Sereni - FOTOGRAMMA
Rome, 4 Feb. (AKI)

As former European Bank president Mario Draghi began talks Thursday with Italy's party's on forming a new government, deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni tweeted that the Democratic Party (PD) will offer its input on ways to halt the COVID-19 pandemic and turn Coronvirus-ravage Italy around.

"Today premier-designate Draghi begins consultations with the country's political and social forces. The PD will not fail to contribute its ideas and proposals to stop the pandemic with sustainable policies and reforms," read the tweet.

Politically unaffiliated caretaker premier Giuseppe Conte - who quit last week after his government lost its majority in the Senate - said on Thursday he would not hamper Draghi but hoped he could form a "political" not an exclusively technocrat executive.

Draghi said on Wednesday that his priorities are defeating the COVID-19 pandemic and "relaunching" the country after he accepted the mandate handed him on Monday by Italy's president Sergio Mattarella to try and form a new government.

It is not certain that a Draghi executive would be able to enjoy a comfortable parliamentary majority. His political consultations are expected to last through Friday.

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