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Mercoledì 21 Aprile 2021
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Di Maio abhors military's killing of civilians in Myanmar

29 marzo 2021 | 23.48
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Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Monday deplored the army's crackdown in cities across Myanmar at the weekend that killed over 100 people including at least seven children amid a brutal bid to quash opposition to the two-month-old military coup.

"In Myanmar the Armed Forces continue to kill unarmed civilians, including children," a foreign ministry tweet cited Di Maio as saying.

"Italy strongly condemns this unacceptable violence, stands by the population and calls for a return to democracy and the release of all those unjustly arrested," the tweet added.

The killing of more than 126 anti-coup protesters on Saturday and Sunday in Myanmar has sparked global outrage.

The defence chiefs of a dozen nations, including Italy, on Sunday issued a rare joint statement condemning the Myanmar military's violent actions.

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