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Mercoledì 01 Dicembre 2021
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Di Maio, Grandi mull Italy-UN cooperation on Afghanistan

01 settembre 2021 | 18.35
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Photo for The Washington Post by Andrew Quilty

Italy wants to work with and support the United Nations to continue helping people fleeing conflict in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio told UN refugee chief Filippo Grandi on Wednesday.

"Support and collaboration between Italy and the UN in Afghanistan," the foreign ministry tweeted after phone talks between Di Maio and Grandi.

"Humanitarian situation, assistance to Afghan refugees in neighbouring countries, multilateral cooperation and UNHCR's role to implement Italy's strategy in the area," the tweet added.

Tuesday saw the first meeting of an Italian government steering committee set up to coordinate Italy's aid to Afghanistan after the almost 20-year presence of international forces in the war-torn country ended this week.

The meeting looked at ways to strengthen Italy's response to the looming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and action to bolster respect for human rights, especially those women and minors, according to a foreign ministry statement.

Representatives from the prime minister's office and from the foreign, interior, defence, education, labour, equal opportunities and other ministries ministry attended the meeting, the statement said.

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