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Lunedì 27 Settembre 2021
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Di Maio: Italy and Spain working together on European, international stage

18 giugno 2021 | 14.20
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Italy and Spain are "deeply attuned" in many European policy areas and are cooperating to forge greater cohesion within the European Union and to kick-start the stalled Middle East peace process, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Friday.

"Rome and Madrid are deeply attuned on numerous European topics, from economic and financial policy to sealing a new migration and asylum pact," Di Maio told Spanish daily El Periodico.

"Without ever antagonising other groups of countries, we are working together to build a more united Europe that works for everyone," Di Maio went on.

"We are coordinating with Spain to help re-launch the Arab-Israeli peace process," Di Maio said.

His remarks came ahead of the 18th Italy-Spain Dialogue Forum in Barcelona starting on Friday, which premier Mario Draghi and Di Maio are attending.

The EU's 800 billion euro post-pandemic recovery fund and its year-long Conference on the Future of Europe are at the centre of the Dialogue Forum, which is taking place through Saturday.

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