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Mercoledì 12 Maggio 2021
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Di Maio: Italy must ready for post-COVID-19 recovery

20 aprile 2021 | 22.07
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Italy must be set to revive tourism and exports and to attract foreign investment when COVID-19 vaccination campaigns around the world achieve their goals, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio stated on Tuesday.

"Soon, when the vaccination campaigns around the world have achieved their objectives, everything will re-start," Di Maio said.

"Italy must be ready on the tourism and export fronts and to attract foreign investment," he went on.

Potential investors in Italy want "a single institutional interlocutor" when negotiating the country's "tangle" of legal norms and bureaucracy, Di Maio underlined.

Di Maio was wrapping up the first meeting of Italy's foreign direct investment and internationalisation committee which he chaired with economic development minister Giancarlo Giorgetti.

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