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Sabato 25 Settembre 2021
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Di Maio pledges loyalty to 5Star Movement

22 gennaio 2021 | 20.35
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A year after he stood down as leader of Italy's anti-establishment 5Star Movement, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Friday vowed undying loyalty to his party.

"A year has gone by since I resigned as political leader of the 5Star Movement. But I have never abandoned the party, am still there and always will be. Long live 5Star!", Di Maio tweeted.

Di Maio resigned on 22 January last year as leader of 5Star - part of Italy’s ruling coalition - amid turmoil within the party after it formed an alliance with the centre-left Democratic party (PD) that resulted in the loss of 20 MPs, who either left or were kicked out.

Italian Senator Vito Crimi, is currently acting political leader of 5Star, which was founded by comic Beppe Grillo and late entrepreneur and activist Gianroberto Casaleggio in 2009. Grillo remains party guarantor.

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