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Mercoledì 28 Settembre 2022
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Di Maio sends condolences for workman's 'tragic' death at foreign ministry

28 aprile 2022 | 18.16
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Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio has expressed "heartfelt condolences" over the death of Fabio Palotti, who died when he fell down a lift shaft at the foreign ministry in Rome on Thursday while doing maintenance work.

"Minister Di Maio expresses his and the foreign ministry's most heartfelt condolences for the tragic incident that cost the life of Fabio Palotti, while he was doing his job inside the ministry," said a statement.

As investigating magistrates probe the precise circumstances of the accident, Di Maio's and the entire foreign ministry staff's "thoughts are currently with the victim's family and they embrace them at this sad time," the statement said.

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