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Mercoledì 08 Dicembre 2021
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Di Maio urges international strategy on Afghanistan

30 agosto 2021 | 20.53
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Photo: AFP

Monday's rocket attack and the suicide blast at Kabul airport that killed over 180 including 13 US troops last week show the need for an international strategy to combat a "concrete" terror threat in Afghanistan, Italy's top diplomat told a virtual G7-EU-NATO summit, according to sources.

"As these attacks show, the terrorist threat in Afghanistan is concrete and must be tackled. It is crucial to keep up close cooperation in tackling the Afghan crisis," Di Maio told the virtual meeting, the sources said.

"It is vital to act together in dealing with the Taliban. We must judge them by their actions, not their words," Di Maio said.

Since taking over Afghanistan earlier this month after a swift military offensive, the Taliban have vowed to let foreigners to leave the country as well as Afghans with valid documents. The Taliban have also said they will uphold human rights including those of women and girls.

Close coordination among western diplomatic missions will also be crucial following the fall of Kabul in mid-August, Di Maio underlined.

"Our embassy rapidly transferred to Rome and is fully operational," he said.

"It is important to continue guaranteeing close coordination (among missions) and to agree where to deploy our diplomats," Di Maio stated.

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