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Mercoledì 28 Luglio 2021
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Di Maio, Zaia striving to free Italian held in Sudan

26 maggio 2021 | 17.40
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Veneto governor Luca Zaia

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio and Veneto governor Luca Zaia are working hard to bringing home businessman Marco Zennaro who has languished in jail in Sudan for over 50 days on fraud charges, Zaia stated on Wednesday.

"We are concerning ourselves with Marco Zennaro, who has been held in prison for more than 50 days. I am in constant contact with Minister Di Maio," Zaia said.

"We are leaning on all relevant parties including at local level to end this and to bring home this Veneto native. We are extremely committed and we hope to wrap up the case very soon," Zaia added.

Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro this week called on Di Maio and premier Mario Draghi for action to end 46-year-old Zennaro's "unacceptable" detention in Sudan.

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