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Divers killed at southern Italian beauty spot

19 agosto 2016 | 16.49
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Three men died on Friday in a diving accident at the picturesque southern Italian coastal resort of Palinuro in the Campania region. Rescue services located the divers' bodies after a four-hour search.

The divers were named as Mauro Cammardella and Mauro Tancredi from Palinuro and Silvio Anzola from Milan.

They failed to surface from a dive at the 45-metre-deep Cala Fettente sea cave at 11.30 am, triggering a search operation that deployed a helicopter, frogmen and coastguard and paramedics.

The men were all expert divers and had been in the underwater cave with nine other people, who all managed to resurface.

It was not the first fatal diving accident at the beauty spot located in the Cilento National Park south of the city of Salerno.

Three men and a woman perished during a dive in Palinuro's Red Grotto sea cave in June 2012 when it is believed part of its roof collapsed.

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