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Domenica 01 Agosto 2021
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Draghi: multilateralism making a comeback amid pandemic -

28 maggio 2021 | 15.49
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Passengers in coronavirus gear provided by the airline board a relief flight from Seoul to Yangon. MUST CREDIT: photo for The Washington Post by Allegra Mendelson.

The world is seeing a revival of multilateralism amid the global threat posed by the Coronavirus pandemic, Italy's premier Mario Draghi said on Friday

"Multilateralism is returning. The health emergency has taught us that it's impossible to tackle global problems with domestic solutions," Draghi told the virtual Global Solutions Summit 2021.

The summit is also being attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"The same is true of the other challenges that define our times: climate change and inequality worldwide. As G20 president this year, Italy is determined to lead this paradigm shift. The world needs the whole word, not a collection of individual states," Draghi underlined.

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