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Martedì 28 Settembre 2021
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Draghi sends Francis best wishes for recovery after surgery

05 luglio 2021 | 12.24
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Italy's premier Mario Draghi on Monday sent "affectionate best wishes for a rapid convalescence and recovery" to Pope Francis after the 84-year-old pontiff underwent colon surgery.

"Prime minister Mario Draghi expresses affectionate best wishes for a rapid convalescence and recovery to the Holy Father after his operation," Draghi's office said in a statement.

Italy's president Sergio Mattarella earlier sent similar wishes to the pope "on behalf of all Italians" and "also personally".

Francis "reacted well" to surgery at Rome's Gemelli hospital on Sunday and had general anesthesia during the operation made necessary by a narrowing of the large intestine, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said.

It is the first time the pope has been admitted to hospital since his election in 2013. Francis is expected to be in hospital for five days.

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