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Martedì 15 Giugno 2021
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Draghi to visit Libya in early April

24 marzo 2021 | 20.02
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Premier Mario Draghi will visit Libya "in the first week in April", he told lawmakers on Wednesday after a unified interim government took power in Italy's war-torn former colony in mid-March.

"I will go to Libya in the first week in April, and (foreign) minister (Luigi) Di Maio has already been there," Draghi said.

"Italy supports the national unity government tasked with leading Libya to elections in December and spurring economic reforms to tackle the gravely worsened social and economic situation in the country," Draghi stated.

"It will be an important opportunity to bolster dialogue and strengthen support," Draghi stated.

Also crucial to Libya's stability is observance of the ceasefire its warring sides signed last October and the departure of all foreign mercenaries and troops from the country, including Turkey's, Draghi underlined.

"They have fuelled this war," Draghi said.

Di Maio visited Libya on Sunday for talks with its new prime minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah and with Mohammad Younes Menfi, head of Libya’s Presidential Council and his two deputies.

Di Maio was the most senior western official to travel to Libya since the new government was sworn in on 15 March.

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