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Sabato 27 Novembre 2021
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Draghi urges unified Libyan budget

12 novembre 2021 | 23.34
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Photo by Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Washington Post. - Lorenzo Tugnoli

A 'cornstone' in Libya's reconstruction is its economy and a unified national budget, Italy's premier Mario Draghi said on Friday after a high-level meeting in Paris on the war-torn country.

"The economy is a 'cornerstone' in Libya' reconstruction: the central bank must be consolidated and a unified budget for the country is needed," Draghi said at a press conference.

In his remarks, Draghi also underlined the need for security.

"The work of the five plus five (joint military commitee of Libya's rival factions) has been excellent. Peace has prevailed over war for 18 months. This proves that a path to reconstruction is possible," he said.

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