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Ebola infected nurse's condition 'stable'

15 maggio 2015 | 15.07
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The condition of the 37-year-old nurse infected with Ebola was 'stable' on Friday, according to a bulletin from Rome's Spalanzani hospital, where he is being treated.

"The patient is in a clinically stable condition... he still has a fever. Anti-viral treatment is continuing and he is being fed intravenously," said the bulletin.

The nurse's condition worsened after he developed "significant gastrointestinal symptoms," the hospital said on Thursday.

The nurse, who is from the Sardinian city of Sassari, contracted the virus after a three-month volunteer mission in Sierra Leone for the Italian medical charity Emergency.

Thirteen of the nurse's relatives in Sassari were quarantined on Thursday as a precautionary measure and three ambulance workers were being monitored.

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