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Ebola suspect's condition 'improves'

01 ottobre 2015 | 15.01
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The condition of a 25-year-old engineer from Sierra Leone admitted to hospital in the northwest port city Genoa with suspected Ebola symptoms has improved, doctors said on Thursday.

"The therapy has brought down his temperature," said Giancarlo Icardi of the department health science. "There are no other symptoms which is reassuring."

The man is undergoing tests that will establish in the next few days if he is the third case of Ebola in Italy.

He was admitted to Genoa's San Martino hospital on Wednesday with a fever and placed in isolation in the infectious diseases ward.

He arrived in the city on 19 September to begin an internship.

Two Italian nurses who caught Ebola while volunteering in Sierra Leone both made a full recovery from the disease this year.

Stefano Marongiu from Sardinia, and Fabrizio Pulvirenti from Sicily, were both treated at Rome's Spallanzani infectious diseases hospital.

Marongiu contracted Ebola in May while working in Sierra Leone for Italian medical charity Emergency, while Pulvirenti caught the virus last November during a stint at a medical centre run by Emergency.

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