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Economic recovery a chance for Italy to boost trade ties says Gentiloni

27 novembre 2017 | 16.39
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Italy's economic recovery offers an opportunity to strengthen its trade links in the energy and defence sectors but also in new ones including agriculture and infrastructure, premier Paolo Gentiloni said on Monday.

"Now that the Italian economy is picking up, it is the moment to build closer ties with friendly countries in the traditional sectors of defence and energy and also in new ones," Gentiloni said in Luanda during a visit to Angola.

"These include agriculture and animal husbandry, but (bilateral) cooperation could also be extended to sectors like infrastructure, transport and training," he said.

Gentiloni earlier on Monday hailed a deal inked during his visit to Angola between its state oil company Sonangol and Italian oil and energy giant Eni under which Eni will expand its operations in the country.

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