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Eglet Adams Files Class Action Complaint Against The People's Republic Of China

24 marzo 2020 | 18.13
LETTURA: 3 minuti

LAS VEGAS, March 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Las Vegas, Nevada Law Firm Eglet Adams has filed a Class Action Complaint against the People's Republic of China and other Chinese governmental agencies, on behalf of "small businesses" in the United States, including the State of Nevada, for monetary and related damages sustained as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.  The Plaintiffs allege that China engaged in a cover-up of the Coronavirus pandemic after first learning of its existence and contributed to the spread of the Coronavirus all over the world, thereby causing hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses to small businesses throughout the United States, including the State of Nevada.

A WORLDWIDE PRESS CONFERENCE IS SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY, MARCH 24 at 3 PM EST. Press conference will take place at the Eglet Adams Law Offices 400 South 7th Street – 4th Floor, in a Highfive video conference. To join the meeting from your computer or mobile device, click here:https://egletlaw.highfive.com/rte-press-conference-re-corona-virus-litigation-kh If you want to join using a phone instead:+1 628-444-4348, 8449158026#If you need a dial-in number for another country, or want us to call you:https://egletlaw.highfive.com/rte-press-conference-re-corona-virus-litigation-kh/phone?pin=8449158026

Lead counsel Robert Eglet will be outlining details of the complaint during the conference.

The complaint was filed late Monday in the United States District Court, in the District of Nevada on behalf of Plaintiffs, Bella Vista LLC, A Nevada Limited Company Liability, Greenfield & Company Inc., A Nevada Corporation; Life Real Estate LLC., a Nevada Limited Liability Company; Mobile Medic CPR LLC, a Nevada Limited Company and DT Group, LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability Company.

The complaint alleges that over 1 million US "small business" have been forced to close or have been forced to substantially reduce their operations. The economic losses suffered by such businesses is in the hundreds of billions of dollars.  These numbers are expected to substantially rise as Governors, County Commissioners and City Mayors all over the US are continuing to order small businesses to close or reduce their operations.

For Additional Information  Contact: Tom Letizia 702-545-8777 - Or Tom@LetiziaPR.com 

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