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Egypt presidency denies al-Sisi convoy ambushed

11 giugno 2015 | 12.40
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The office of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Thursday denied media reports that armed gunmen attacked his motorcade as he returned to Cairo to the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh late Wednesday.

"This report has no basis in truth," al-Sisi's office said in a statement.

"Media should be accurate and check their facts before publishing."

The alleged ambush took place around 40 kilometres from Sharm El-Sheikh, where al-Sisi had attended a 26 nation African summit.

Earlier on Wednesday, Egyptian security forces foiled an attempted terrorist attack on the ancient Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor governorate in the south of the country, killing two of the attackers and wounding a third.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the thwarted attack - a rare incident at one of Egypt’s iconic ancient ruins and a top tourist destination.

Al-Sisi, Egypt's ex-military chief, led the coup that deposed the country's first democratically elected leader, Islamist Mohammed Morsi, who was sentenced to death in May over a mass prison breakout in 2011.

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