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Egypt to host exhibit on origins of the alphabet

21 aprile 2016 | 18.57
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Antiquities minister Khaled El-Enany will on Monday attend the opening of an exhibition on the origins of the alphabet some 3,000 year ago, Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities said on Thursday.

The exhibition will display all the early alphabetic inscriptions in the Egyptian museum, Cairo, which account for over half of the entire corpus, the SCA said in a statement.

Alphabetic writing, an innovation of global importance, developed in southwestern Sinai during the early second millennium BC, the SCA said.

"It continues to have a direct impact on our modern world down to the Arabic as well as the Latin and English script."

The exhibition also celebrates the 100th anniversary of British Egyptologist Sir Alan Gardiner's decipherment of the Sinai script in 1916, the SCA said.

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