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Egyptian Muslim extremist deported from Italy

29 maggio 2017 | 16.14
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Italian authorities have repatriated a 62-year-old Egyptian "for urgent reasons of public security," police announced on Monday.

Esamm Mohammed Omar Makram was deported from Italy on Sunday from Milan's Malpensa airport on an Egyptair flight to Cairo, accompanied by three police officers, said police.

Makram had been imprisoned in the northern Italian city of Monza where he was serving an 18-month prison sentence for squatting and illegally dumping dangerous waste materials.

He had prior convictions for petty crime and was targeted by Italy's first probe into jihadist terrorism in 1995, dubbed 'Sphinx' police said.

While he was in jail in Italy, Okam was among prisoners considered at high risk of inciting Jihad and radicalising other inmates and was monitored by anti-terrorism investigators, according to police.

A total of 170 Islamic terrorism suspects have been expelled from Italy since January 2015, the interior ministry said in late April.

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