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Egyptian teenager critical after savage attack in Sicily

22 agosto 2016 | 15.35
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A 16-year-old Egyptian was fighting for his life in Sicily on Monday after thugs attacked him with baseball bats, fracturing his skull and causing a massive brain haemorrhage, injuries which required surgery.

Another Egyptian youth who was also injured in Sunday's attack near the eastern port city of Catania filmed it on his mobile phone, leading to the arrests of three men, police said.

The ambush was allegedly carried out by two of the men, aged 23 and 32, with help from an 18-year-old male who was also arrested, according to police.

Police said they seized an air pistol from the home of one of the suspects which was allegedly used to threaten the Egyptians in the attack.

Investigators said they believe the attack was a vendetta as the men appeared to have targeted the 16-year-old in the attack, while his two companions received minor injuries.

The three Egyptians, who are all minors, were attacked on a country road between the villages of San Cono and San Michele di Ganzaria, where a migrant reception centre is located.

Five people aboard two cars were involved in the attack, according to police.

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