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Eni inaugurates first 'Open Innovation Outpost' in Sillicon Valley

01 dicembre 2021 | 19.03
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Italian major Eni has launched its first 'Open Innovation Outpost' in San Francisco in a bid to showcase its commitment to protecting innovation ecosystems and position itself "at the forefront of the digital frontier".

"In support of its decarbonization objectives, Eni has been actively collaborating with a number of the most promising international startups and scaleups for some time now," said Dario Pagani, Eni's Head of Digital and Information Technology.

"The opening of this outpost in one of the most vibrant areas of innovation confirms Eni's determination to position itself at the forefront of the digital frontier," Pagani said.

At the launch event, Eni took an in-depth look at the main trends in three different business areas and met representatives of American startups selected by the innovation advisory firm Mind the Bridge, according to a statement.

"Companies that decide to open an innovation outpost in Silicon Valley can benefit from a privileged vantage point on the world's leading ecosystem, where all the 'next big things' are hatched," said Mind the Bridge's Chairman Alberto Onetti.

Mind the Bridge has supported Eni's international scouting activities since 2019, he noted.

"The outpost that we are now hosting and supporting in San Francisco is a further big step forward on their (Eni's) innovation journey," Onetti underlined.

Eni's Open Innovation Outpost is housed in the Mind the Bridge Innovation Centre, located in one the world's most prolific and vibrant hubs for startups. Over 300 of the Fortune500 annual ranking of the largest United States corporations by total revenue have decided to establish a permanent presence there, Eni noted.

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