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Eni, Unido join forces on UN sustainable development goals

17 luglio 2019 | 16.42
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Eni and the United Nations Industrial Development organisation will work together to help attain the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, the Italian energy giant and Unido said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

“Partnerships between the private and the public sector are crucial to foster development and improve access to energy around the world,” said Claudio Descalzi, Eni’s Chief Executive Officer.

“This Joint Declaration underlines our commitment to share know-how, skills and economic resources to become a driving force for the growth of communities and countries where we operate”.

The declaration was signed by Eni’s Chief Executive Officer Claudio Descalzi and Unido’s Director General Li Yong, the statement said.

The Italian foreign ministry's Director General for Development Cooperation, Giorgio Marrapodi also attended the declaration's signing. It took place at Eni's flagship research centre in Novara, northern Italy, where the company develops innovative technologies for sustainable energy.

“Establishing multi-stakeholder partnerships is crucial to achieve the SDGs, said Li.

“Eni and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation share our ambition to promote the public-private cooperation approach with additional partners.”

Eni-Unido's pioneering approach aims to help reach the SDGs targets through strategic cooperation in areas of common interest such as youth employment, agriculture value chains and renewable energy and energy efficiency, particularly in Africa, said the statement.

Eni and Unido hope there will be "many more concrete business interactions" and growing cooperation between them for Africa’s sustainable industrialisation, according to the statement.

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